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Saudi German Hospital welcomes their visitors with the tranquil melodies of the Violin. ( 16 July 2017 )

As it’s well known that music satisfies the soul, Saudi German Hospital tried to implement this strategy in the hospital to not only take care of the physical health of their patients but also to enhance their psychological spirits. Having a professional violinist in the reception of the hospital was a unique experience to the patients and was a very effective way to entertain the visitors who are waiting for their appointment with their doctors.


Saudi German Hospital was also very keen about the children psychological atmosphere when they are visiting their premises. Since children are so sensitive and barely accept the concept of visiting the hospitals, the Saudi German Hospital has provided a children corner inside their premises, which includes Disney cartoon characters, such as Mickey and Minnie etc. Such a distinguishable experience had a spectacular effect on breaking the barrier of fear towards children visiting the hospital and shaped a new spirit to the children dealing with medical concerns.