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The Saudi German Hospital-Cairo Contributes to the Revitalization of Medical Tourism in Egypt Dr. Mohamed Hablas: "Egypt is a great asset in medicine therapeutic tourism" 14 November 2017

Over the past ten months, SGH - Cairo managed to welcome more than 5,000 patients from 100 different nationalities who wanted to benefit from their medical services. This indicates that hospitals and therapeutic centers can contribute to the promotion of medical tourism and highlight this important type of tourism which acquires from 5% to 10% of the total global tourism movement.

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The "Breast Cancer" battle requires more than awareness campaigns - 25 October 2017

October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but what we need more than passive awareness is proactive prevention. By virtue of their sex, all women are at risk of developing breast cancer. Knowing your individual risk can help you minimize the likelihood of developing the disease. For example, we know that having a mother, sister or daughter with breast cancer doubles a woman’s risk of developing the disease.

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Saudi-German Hospital announces launching the uterine fibroids treatment Unit by catheter without surgery using the “Tele-consultation” technique under the supervision of Dr. Samir Abdel Ghaffar Consultant of Catheterization in London. ( 13 september 2017

The tele-consultation technology, which is used for the first time in Egypt, is based on a case interview and presented to the consultant in London, through the presence of the patient at the Saudi-German Hospital in Cairo. 

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Saudi German Hospital welcomes their visitors with the tranquil melodies of the Violin. ( 16 July 2017 )

As it’s well known that music satisfies the soul, Saudi German Hospital tried to implement this strategy in the hospital to not only take care of the physical health of their patients but also to enhance their psychological spirits. Having a professional violinist in the reception of the hospital was a unique experience to the patients and was a very effective way to entertain the visitors who are waiting for their appointment with their doctors.


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5 billion Dollars are Al-Batterjee Group’s investments in Egypt

During her visit to the Saudi-German Hospital in Cairo, Dr. Sahar Nasr - Minister of Investment and International Cooperation met Dr. Makarem Al-Batterjee - Vice President of Al-Batterjee Group, who gave a presentation to highlight the group's investments in Egypt that was estimated by 5 billion dollars as a first phase.

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SGH to discuss the most advanced treatment method of Hepatitis C - 21 December 2015

The collaboration of ESRNM (Egyptian Society of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine) and SGH in holding a medical seminar on next Thursday to discuss the most advanced imaging modalities and early detection of liver diseases, by the attendance of 150 doctors specialized in radiology, in addition to the presentation of the most advanced HCV treatment methods, also for liver tumors and other diseases by using interventional radiology.

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The vision and new trends in treatment of the advanced staging (Stage IV) of lung carcinoma

The Monthly Scientific seminar for C.A.I.R.O Journal Club will be held by SGH-Cairo

SGH-Cairo will be holding a monthly scientific seminar (C.A.I.R.O Journal Club) under the title of “The vision and new trends in treatment of advanced staging of lung cancer” and the seminar will be held in the hospital’s conventions halls by the presence of Dr. Wessam Al Ghamry, the head of tumors department, doctors and (C.A.I.R.O Journal Club) representatives.

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International Nurses Day Media Release

SGH is to celebrate international Nurses day (IND) by highlighting the importance of this day to Egypt’s medical sector by attending global medical events. International Nurses day is an international day celebrated around the world on the first of May, to point out the contribution of nurses in society.

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The recommendations of the first emergency medicine conference to benefit from international expertise - 1 Augest 2016

Training of Egyptian calibers and utilizing global medical experiences are among recommendations of the first ER conference

Hablas: We are fully committed to the Prime Minister’s decision to treat emergency cases for 48 hours free of charge

A significant number of Egyptian and international experts participated in the first annual ER conference held at Saudi German Hospital in Cairo under the title "news and communications in Emergency medicine”, focusing on the importance of the collaboration between the governmental, private and the media to highlight the importance of emerging medicine and its development, providing employees with the latest techniques and updates.

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