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Saudi German Hospitals Group

About SHG Group

Saudi German Hospitals Group is considered the largest private Healthcare provider in the MENA region (Middle East & North Africa). The group is a multi-functional Healthcare company which is considered a Healthcare developer and not just an operator. It constructs its own hospitals (1000 Construction staff) and finances its developments with the support of the local Government and development Banks. SGH Group operates its hospitals in cooperation with numerous German Medical Schools & Faculties. SGH Group establishes a new Hospital every year, hence, adding 500 employees annually. 3000 employees are currently working under SGH group with a growing rate of 16% per year.

SGH Group started in 1988, where it was owned solely by the Batterjee family that had a unique spiritual vision which is derived from the Holy Quran “AND IF ANY ONE SAVED A LIFE, IT WOULD BE AS IF HE SAVED ALL OF MANKIND” (Al Maidah, Verse 32)

That drive has moved SGH into a new era of Healthcare Industry development, where the scope and goals got elevated from a local ambition to a regional ambition. Now the SGH Group vision is “To design, finance, construct and operate 30 world-class hospitals by 2018 and create 50,000 jobs in Healthcare industry Insha`Allah.”



The first hospital established by SGH group started its operations in 1988 in Jeddah, KSA thus bringing contemporary German healthcare standards to the door step of the local community. After establishing a strong reputation for its quality of care and scientific management SGH expanded to other areas of Saudi Arabia. There were large numbers of patients from Saudi Arabia going to Germany for quality medical treatment. These patients and their families found difficulties to identify right centers for their condition and also huge cultural and logistic difficulties. The Batterjee family therefore decided to establish their first hospital in Jeddah through its strategic relationship with well-known German universities.

  • Working hard to satisfy our staff as well as our customers
  • Ensuring excellence of quality of care through evidence based practices
  • Cooperating with the community & the stakeholders to provide the best quality of care
  • Achieving financial goals through providing accessible care to the customers with reasonable cost
  • Recognition of our staff & ensuring staff developments programs
  • Ensuring safe environment of care for our customers as well as our staff

  1. Integration of care: to be sure that the provided care is complete & integrated between all health care practitioners.
  2. Collaboration between all health care providers to provide complete, integrated & coordinated care.
  3. Accountability where all hospital staff are accountable in front of the customer and family for providing the best of care.
  4. Respect: where all the hospital staff are providing care to the customers & families with respect & being respectable.
  5. Empathy: where all the hospital staff are providing care to the customer & family with compassion as well as spiritual support if needed.

To be the most trusted health care provider in MENA Region through delivering excellent quality of care based on evidence by end of 2020.