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Al Batterjee Medical Group plans to double its investment in health and therapeutic tourism sectors in Egypt ( 28 March, 2017 )

With an a ambitious strategy, Al-Batterjee Medical Group (Saudi German hospitals) plans to invest more than 5 billion Egyptian pounds in new medical cities along with the International Medical City, which the group announced its establishment in the northern coast last year with investments exceeding 10 billion pounds. Furthermore, the group aims to establish a medical city in Giza governorate with investments exceeding one billion pounds on an area of 17.5 acre and another in Ismailia governorate in addition to several hospitals in different Egyptian governorates which comes in the framework of an expansion plan designed to bring about a paradigm shift in health care and medical tourism sector in Egypt and the Middle East.

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Setting the Foundation Stone of Battergi Medical City with Investment Volume of EGP 8 Billion)2 October, 2016 ( 2 October, 2016 )

Signing a Cooperation Agreement to Assign the Administrative Supervision of the Medical City to Saudi German Hospital

Middle East Healthcare Company (Saudi German Hospital) has announced the agreement signed by the company’s board of directors, to assign the administrative supervision of Batterji Medical City, to be established in Alex West – Alexandria, to be under the trademark of Saudi German Hospital.

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SGH to discuss the most advanced treatment method of Hepatitis C

The collaboration of ESRNM (Egyptian Society of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine) and SGH in holding a medical seminar on next Thursday to discuss the most advanced imaging modalities and early detection of liver diseases, by the attendance of 150 doctors specialized in radiology, in addition to the presentation of the most advanced HCV treatment methods, also for liver tumors and other diseases by using interventional radiology.

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The vision and new trends in treatment of the advanced staging (Stage IV) of lung carcinoma

The Monthly Scientific seminar for C.A.I.R.O Journal Club will be held by SGH-Cairo

SGH-Cairo will be holding a monthly scientific seminar (C.A.I.R.O Journal Club) under the title of “The vision and new trends in treatment of advanced staging of lung cancer” and the seminar will be held in the hospital’s conventions halls by the presence of Dr. Wessam Al Ghamry, the head of tumors department, doctors and (C.A.I.R.O Journal Club) representatives.

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International Nurses Day Media Release

SGH is to celebrate international Nurses day (IND) by highlighting the importance of this day to Egypt’s medical sector by attending global medical events. International Nurses day is an international day celebrated around the world on the first of May, to point out the contribution of nurses in society.

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Saudi German Hospital – Cairo hosts the first ER conference in Egypt ( 20 July, 2016 )

Training of Egyptian calibers and utilizing global medical experiences are among recommendations of the first ER conference

Hablas: We are fully committed to the Prime Minister’s decision to treat emergency cases for 48 hours free of charge

A significant number of Egyptian and international experts participated in the first annual ER conference held at Saudi German Hospital in Cairo entitled “Updates and Communication in Emergency”, capitalizing on the importance of the collaboration between the governmental, private and the media sectors to create awareness about the importance of this Science, its development, providing employees with its latest techniques and empowering them with all the updates, Sets itself as a priority in the conference recommendations.

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Scientific lectures on breast cancer awareness in SGH ( 18 March, 2016 )

SGH is to host “World Science Day” for breast cancer by the attendance of elite doctors specialized in tumors and diagnostic radiology in Egypt. The lectures aim to fight breast cancer diseases and to raise awareness of breast cancer for Egyptian women. The radiology team at SGH group emphasizes on the importance of periodic medical examination either by MRI or by self-examination for the early detection of the disease and it’s suitable treatment before the spread of the disease in the body, where the percentage of 25 to 30% of breast tumors can be discovered by the patient.

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Saudi German Hospital-Cairo applies the latest international techniques in curing prostatic hyperplasia ( 3 July, 2016 )

A non-surgical treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia….For the first time in Egypt

Saudi German hospital Cairo announced adopting the latest non-surgical international techniques in the treatment of prostatic hyperplasia and urinary retention through interventional catheter. This method of treatment gives a new hope of recovery to a large number of patients globally, especially the cases who were not cured through medication or cannot undergo surgical procedures.

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Roundtable about Saudi German Hospital Opening in Cairo ( 2 June, 2016 )

In the Framework of its Expansion Plan to Establish New Branches in All Governorates

Saudi German Hospitals Group’s board of directors declared the opening of their first branch in Egypt, located in Cairo, with investment volume exceeding EGP 1bn. The branch in Cairo, is SGH’s 8th branch in the MENA region, where the rest 7 branches are located in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.

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In World Diabetes Day, Saudi German Hospital (SGH) in Cairo Organizes an Awareness Seminar

In the framework of World Diabetes Day, Saudi German Hospital in Cairo has held an awareness workshop, on appropriate diabetes diets, in addition to extra-weight loss as a healthy life style.

This event comes as a part of SGH’s CSR strategy, which include a series of awareness seminars, tackling various medical topics in the Egyptian medical scene. Not only, does these seminars target doctors, patients, or pharmacists, but it also targets all Egyptian citizens.

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A treatment for Acute Ischemic Stroke without Surgery

New Ratios of Recovery Compared to Other Techniques of Treatment Within 90 Minutes of patient’s Arrival to the Emergency Department

Cairo, June, 29th, 2016 – Saudi German Hospital – Cairo’s Interventional Radiology and Catheter Unit has announced using interventional neuroradiology techniques to treat acute ischemic stroke, through direct removal of clot in a short period of time

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With more than 1bn EGP investments in medical technology

The launch of first branch of Saudi-German Hospital in Cairo, December 2015

The Saudi German hospital group are to launch their first branch in Cairo in November 2015 with investments of more than 1bn EGP. SGH group takes an impressive step towards health care in Egypt by earning the experience of the past 27 years of SGH that has provided the highest quality of medical services to meet high standards of health care in Middle East and North Africa. SGH Group has won many awards for its distinguished services. SGH is one of the hospitals that are accredited by the Joint Commission International.

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Collaboration with A.U.C for 57357 Hospital

Saudi German Hospital in Cairo is to sponsor a Marathon to aid the children of 57357 hospital

The Saudi German hospital is to sponsor a running marathon, which will be held at the AUC campus to aid the children of 57357 Hospital. The Marketing manager of 57357 hospital Mohamed Lotfy states that students of Concordia international school in Cairo and children of 57357 Hospital and children’s parents are to attend the running marathon.

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Humanitarian event

Saudi German Hospital-Cairo launches a humanitarian event in the presence of the pioneers of volunteer work.

“Zayed Giving Initiative” and the Arab Forum coincide to empower young people to participate in voluntary work.


Saturday, October 24, 2015- The first branch of the Saudi German Hospitals in Cairo (SGH) launched a humanitarian session in their headquarters in El Nozha El Gedida, collaborating with “Zayed Giving Initiative” and the Arab Forum in an initiative to empower young people to participate in voluntary work, under the slogan “National Responsibility and Social Investment.” Elite humanitarian pioneers were present at the event to show their support and emphasize on the importance of this Forum.

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